Miura Revisions

Separate sump
Fire supression
Fuel recirculation bypass
Fuel system pressure regulator
Lubrication systems and wet start
Lowered sump pan/baffles
Cam oilers to primary gears
Weber 40IDL 3C revisions
Oil feed modification
Input shaft bearing modifications
Install modern gear reduction starter

Add front end downforce winglets
Convert to SV rear suspension
Add S+ rear latch release system
Add S+ front latch release system
Convert solid to vented brake disc
Install power windows in early doors
Lower seat pans
Add engine oil cooler
Shift linkage modification for smoother shifting
Adding air conditioning
Using wider wheel rims on pre-SV
Aluminum gastank
Aluminum radiator
Converting P400 to S/SV overhead console
Adding forward chassis gusset braces
Adding S+ dashboard lower covers
Installing seat belts
Installing radio and speakers
Suspension upgrade with added "Wallace" type link
Chassis stiffening of the box section
Adding a Floor Jack plate to the chassis
Add SV engine pan vents
Steering column revisions
Add rear hub pivot lubrication
please email me with Miura revisions i have not noted here