Miura Cam oilers to primary gear set

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notice -
1) Camoilers to primary gears, not too pretty but makes the concept stand out. Nothing like red and blue AN fittings to make it look like like your teenage son did the installation with AutoZone parts.
2) Notice 1" sump spacer to lower sump and add capacity, this engine must also have lowered sump suction and most likely added baffles.
3) Notice early oil vent casting, all silver engine, Weber vents......all indicating an early Miura engine.

The photo shows just one type of  modification to allow for cam oil to be routed to primary gear set. These are the most common places to tap the primary case.

Cam oiler tap points  to allow drain oil from heads to trickle to primary gear set.

another peek at oiler to primary on later SV engine. (Joe Sackey photo)
2) indicates rear cam oil tap to primary gears.
Comment - since the inlet fuel line looks so nice, why does the new added recicrc line look so amatuer? The inlet has matching crimped brass collars, just slight excess to allow for engine shake. The new line (at least it is not red and blue fittings) looks sloppy, should have had brass collars, banjos of a reduced size, matching excess, etc....... to look like it was a factory job.