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 JARAMA/ESPADA CV JOINTS SECRET - (Oct 2003) Last week I decided to stop the vibration from the Jarama rear end. My mechanic dismantled the half shafts and the CV ball joints. ("mardi gras") Not a clean job. But there it was .. one ball was stuck in the channel . "should be inspected every ten Years" said the mechanic. Ok what to do now.? A new one - complete half shaft with two joints was $750, repair offer from a special shop was $250  My mechanic, a real all rounder says " looks like a CV ball joint from an Audi "  Two days later: got it, its an Audi 100 ( in USA 2000) 5 cylinder turbo automatic. $85, new, fits perfect .... Vibration ? gone .. now my Jarama is without wind noise and without vibration, starting a second life as Luxury car ... and : one secret less!  Dietmar

Re: JARAMA/ESPADA CV JOINTS SECRET - (Apr 2007) This is a nice reference except one needs more information to find it. I think we have Audi 100's over here (USA) is that what you meant and a model year 2000 or what? Bob S.

see - http://replacement.autopartswarehouse.com/parts/autopartswarehouse/wizard.jsp?year=1980&make=AU&model=5000-T-001&category=All&part=CV%20Joint%20Kit&dp=false