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Miura Mirrors - what brand, style, manufacture, material of construction, mount location, authentication, factory records/documents

Vitaloni , in the era of Miura 66-73, produced many different mirrors and likewise so did the competitve manufacture. Here is an ad from 1967 indicating that Vitaloni was offering two styles of  their Sebring mirrors - Vitaloni Sebring and Vitaloni Sebring Mach/1. There are period photos of Miura showing mainly the use of Mach/1, not up on a block pedestal, but mounted flat. The housings of Mach/1 are thin cast aluminum or maybe even pot metal zinc alloys as opposed to later modern production in plastic in a thicker more robust housing. There are also be some early plastic Mach/1 models in a thin housing variety as well.  The positions of these external, fender top Mach/1 mirrors are slightly varied according to period pictures. Door mounted, more practical mirrors may be lauded by present day owners, but to be the Miura purist, fender top Vit Mach/1 are the only permissible mirrors for a Miura.
Vitaloni Sebring Mach/1 mirrors are what you will see in Miura
brochures, painted body color, mounted foward on fenders on
one or  both sides.

web search for a new replacement turned up -

These new style Mach/1 mirrors are indeed more rugged than
the period style, but the thick edge on the housing is a dead
giveaway that they are not 60-70's period pieces. This thicker
design seems to a product of the early 80's. The ruffout texture
on the black mirrors does not allow easy painting to body color.
However, lacking a good supply of early pieces, these new style
mirrors look excellent on a Miura.

factory installed, dealer installed, documentation.
radio antenna brand, style, part number, size, material of construction, mount location.

Ever seen any documentation? picture?
I have seen a reference to a large and small Lamborghini bag introduced at 1966 Miura premier and i think have seen something at a modern dealership 2004 for sale at the $600-700 range but no pictures.