Miura engine rebuilding

common question-
Dear VLG Group, Does anyone have views/suggestions on whether there are useful (but sensitive) modifications/updates which I should consider when rebuilding the engine on a Miura S bearing in mind technological advances since 1970? I drive the car rather than show it so am not wedded to complete originality. Thanks Gus, 4776

followup comments from owners -
1- Spit the sump - if you have the engine apart is will cost very little & it will allow you to use the correct lubricant in both the engine & gearbox - both of which during the engines lifetime will extend the life and durability of the unit.I'm sure some will gain say this & suggest there are advantages on not spitting the sump but for my 2 cents the advantages outweigh the disadvantages if indeed there are any genuine disadvantages.Originality & speed of engine temp oil are the 2 most mooted reasons for desiring a non-split sump.Make sure who ever splits the sump knows what they are doing - super magnets in the pan or as plugs can only help also.Some may suggest baffles in the pan but I have no experience of this - I'm sure others will.
2- Forged pistons are desirable as are valves with low sodium content in the metal. Most known Miura foibles are either gearbox related or requiring mods to the carb set up to rectify. All my 2c. Bax.,  3171

Gus, Here is what Bob Wallace did to my early P400 engine when he rebuilt it. He basically said at the time that he won't do an engine rebuild without doing these mods.
1- Separate the engine and tranny/diff oil. I think this is worth while. There has been some debate that it doesn't help as the viscosity of gear oil is not much different than the motor oil. On the other hand, gear oil does have additives to handle the high pressures on the gears.
2- Machined the transmission output shaft and casing to put in double row bearings to better handle the loads.
3- Oil line to feed the transfer gears. After looking at the bearings and gears on my car with only 28K miles at the time of the rebuild, I believe this is worth while.
4- Lowered oil sump and oil pickup along with oil pan baffles. This is a matter of debate. I know that during hard cornering before I did this mod I had my oil pressure drop to zero!!! But now the pan sits lower than the frame and I am not happy about that. If I had it do to over.. I would put in the baffles if I could without lowering the oil sump. Bob lead me to believe that the baffles couldn't be done properly without lowering the sump, I am not so sure.  Jim ,  3036