part number
OEM manuafacture
part number

piston - 12ea
Borgo 82


pin, piston - 12ea
19mm x 66mm


clip, piston pin - 24ea
1.5mm x 21mm OD

1.5 pr

bushing, rod, piston pin - 12ea

rod, complete w bush, bolts nuts, no cotters - 12ea
marked IR
individual numbers 1-12

bearing, insert rod - 24ea
marked #418 (.010)

32.5 pr

cotter pin, rod nut - 24ea

ring, top

ring, second

ring, oil set

New old stock bearing set for Miura

have a new Miura cranksahft fabricated in the $4000 range
Moldex Tool Co.
25229 W. Warren Avenue
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
(313) 561-7676
Bill, Whitey or Joe; hours 8-4:30

      2001 these comments -  A billet crank is one that has been "carved" out of a solid chunk of material. Moldex(one of the oldest and best custom crank companys) was only a few blocks from where I lived for 24 years. I've been there several times. There are cranks all over the place tagged with the names of famous racers, famous race teams, and names of expensive exotic cars. A billet crank could be made from a bar of iron, but why would someone go to all this trouble to custom machine a crank out of the weakest possible material. The type of steel depends on the application. Most aircraft crankshafts, and some automative crankshafts, are nitrided, and must therefore be made from a special alloy that can be nitrided. Most custom cranks are made from 4100 series steel, but I'm not sure about 4340. Although 4340 is the best material for many parts, it may lack the ductility needed for a crankshaft. Moldex has no CNC equipment. The parts are roughed out on big milling machines using roughing mill cutters. In spite of all the operations it takes to finish a one-off crank, they seldom scrap one. I think everything they do is heat treated, so the stresses are dealt with at that point. Heat treating and tempering crankshafts is as much art as science, and they don't give out much information about it. After heat treating the part is finish ground. A good forging has the potential to be a little stronger and more fatigue resistant than a billet. Today most of the race cranks for common applications are made from crome-moly steel forgings. author -

May 11,07 Good afternoon everyone: I just signed up for your group and look forward to learning about  Lamborghinis. I'm the marketing guy at BRC Performance. Please email me directly if you have any questions about rotating assemblies, including pistons, and I'll get our technical guy to answer your questions ASAP.Cheers, Rick

Hi Rick, Thanks for joining this group. Can you tell us what we can expect as far as a piston request to BRC for 4.0 liter pistons. Do you have any existing data on file for the production of Lamborghini pistons. Like the specs on an OEM piston and how a BRC would compare. Dome volume, dome shape, ring type and configuration, weight, pins, keepers, oversize options to allow slight bore, delivery times, prices. The pistons appear to be the same for many years and applications, so this universal fit would seem to make sense to BRC as a piston supplier.  I believe the OEM supplier was Borgo, the bore 82.00mm and the weight of the piston only is 330 grams. i dont have any dome volume numbers. In past years we have heard of a piston performance modification being supplied by a west coast company in the form of a assymetrical dome that  squishes the charge toward the sparkplug side of the chamber, rather than the stock symetrical dome.
This feature might trigger sales and be a marketing tool as well. thanks for any help Craig

Craig: Good morning. I got you guys a good deal, $930 for a set of 12 pistons. This would be a custom production job so pin fit is included but rings and pins are not. The bore would be 3.228 or, if  you wanted .020 over (as Jacks were) the bore would be 3.248. Just  let us know the details. Call Derrek at 1-800-522-7478. Many Thanks, Rick