Jalpa reference page to assist in Miura maintenance

I needed the gas struts to lift Jalpa engine lid 007060018 and Jalpa trunk lid 007029005.
Available from Lamborghini for $99 and $66, but looked like a local inexpensive purchase.

In my quest (and it was a *quest*) to look for a replacement front wheel bearing for my 84 Jalpa over the last couple weeks, and after dealing with some suggestions, I wanted to put this out there for others to review and offer feedback.

The background info: the bearing is the now almost seeming impossible to find SKF 615645 A also used on a couple other Lamborghini's and the Fiat Dino – not that it makes much difference as those cars are also all as rare as the proverbial hen's teeth.
Looking (lightly) at the specifications, it looks like the wheel bearing is of the following size: 83mm Od x 45mm Id x 44mm wide. Doing a little more research with SKF (and the people there were wonderful, by the way), I found that the number is actually a SKF Italy number, and not one that is used by the SKF America automotive division. It will frequently be referenced as a RIV 615645 A – as I understand it, RIV is a supplier of or for SKF. Not that it really makes much difference, as they haven't been making the bearing much lately either. The SKF rep mentioned that there were 6 brought into the US last year and unknown just where those came from. So.. that leaves us with…well trying to find another. As SFK usually doesn't have a cross reference between their automotive and industrial divisions, there is some footwork involved to find what we need.
Then as luck would have it – sort of anyway- I have friend who was servicing his car – a `vintage' 1993 Mazda 929 and the rear wheel bearings. Now, this bearing just happens to be – 83mm x 45mm x 45mm. Himm you might be thinking, well close but no cigar, ehh? As it turns out – the front hub in my car just happens to have 1.25mm worth of spacers to take up the slack between the tru-arc retaining ring and the bearing's end shell itself. The end result? It fits, even with using one of the original shims to return the clearance back. The bearing load capacities appear to be similar, as far as the SKF rep could determine, although data on the 615645 bearing was scarce.
Now what I don't know and beware is: I imagine that the hubs were machined independently and probably in a non-automated fashion, so other hubs may not have the machined depth needed for this installation –I could see where the additional 1 mm could make a difference in fit. Also- anybody have further design info on the 615645? Loadings / design specs etc? The *other* bearing is SKF part number GRW234 - about $90 at most local parts suppliers. I put some photos up under `Possible Jalpa Wheel Bearing'. I didn't find anything posted on this bearing – has anyone run across this before?
"Jason Franikowski" <jason.franikowski@colostate.edu>

From what I found on the SKF Automotive division website:

Select the 'Buyers Guide Tab' and enter the number: GRW234
The description is:

WEIGHT : 1.50
WIDTH : 1.77
OD : 3.27
ID : 1.77

broken out a little more on a different part of their site:

Product Features:Double Row Ball
Two Seals
Angular Contact For Load Distribution
Ground Surfaces For Longer Life
Type:Double Row Ball

Metric hasn't quite hit them yet in their original description... but it is a metric bearing. The bearing is made by Koyo Ball & Roller Bearings packaged in a SKF box.
It is also known as a DAC4583CS62 - I believe this is the number used mostly by the actual bearing mfg.
You can bring it up under NAPA online:
and I imagine others (no particular vendor implied  ).
Mind for changing it out in the Jalpa you still need a 54mm socket and a *lot* of torque. (so was my experience!) but hopefully this helps with getting the parts!