Lamborghini GT400 2+2 trunk details

One of the most least viewed details on a Lamborghini is the trunk storage area. Even the owner considers the trunk as a spare parts, cleaning supplies, general storage area (off limits to public)! A GT400 2+2 has quite a busy trunk area - a pair of large brake boosters on the left, battery/tools/jack on the right, gastank just forward, spare tire in the floor and all the rear lights to the rear! Wow! As the casual observer peers in they will see simply a nice, carpeted on all six sides, luggage area.....little do they realize how complex the the area is.

Original trunk area for 0733 - Items to note
1) thumb screw, brass/chrome, 5x0,8
2) grommet to secure thumb screw.
3) black leather pull tab, diamond shaped.
4) hinges on battery panel.
5) tight loop, salt and pepper, corn row pattern carpet.
6) dark grey vinyl trim on carpet.
7) cut out on battery panel to clear trunk lid hinge.
8) vinyl covered trunk floor
9) no snap for floor carpet at front of trunk.

Note -
1) Same tight corn row carpet on lid

Note -
1) knurled thumb knobs,
2) leather pull, diamond shaped
3) curved "W" cutout for frame clearance.
4) Metal grommets under thumb screws

note -
1) modern "U" channel clip on rubber, not OEM but seems to work very well.
2) tab has lost support rivet
3) slot for hinge to clear, no cut out for fold down left panel so this panel is pinned at bottom

Note -
1) screw heads seem protruding, maybe wrong
2) "U" channel of aluminum, as a scuff rail for trunk use.
3) modern clip-on weatherstrip, common profile