GT400 2+2 Electrical Components

any help here?  I need info and scans on GT400 components. i need info and scan/photo on all ac pieces, incl distributor. i need info /scans on all power window equipment, motors/switches. 

 1. front signal lights
 2. headlights
 3. foglights
 4. light, under hood
 5. switch, under hood light
 6. side repeater turn indicators
 7. heater motor
 8. motor, radiator fan left
 8. motor radiator fan right
 9. coils, ignition left & right
10. horn compressor
11. horn relay
12. bulb switch, oil pressure lo
13. bulb sender, oil pressure
14. alternator
15. bulb sender, water temp
16. bulb sender, oil temp
17. bulb, switch water temp hi
18. switch, backup light
19. light, panel warning alternator
20. light, panel warning turn signal
21. light, panel warning running lights
light, panel warning, hi beam on
23. light, panel warning low fuel
24. light, panel warning water temperature
25. light, panel warning aux rad fan on
26. light, panel warning lo oil pressure
27. lights, gauge internal
28. gauge, speedometer
29. gauge, oil pressure
30. gauge, tachometer
31. gauge, water temp
32. gauge, oil temp
33. gauge, fuel
34. gauge, ammeter
35. motor, windshield wiper
36. motor, starter/solenoid
37. fuse block
38. radio
39. fuse, foglight pair
40. toggle switch, radiator fan left
41. toggle switch, fog lights (optional , not common)
42. toggle switch, windshield wiper
43. rotary switch, headlights
44. toggle switch, rheostat to gauge/dash lights
45. toggle switch, heater motor
46. toggle switch, rear glass defrost
47. light, cigarette lighter
48. blinker flasher turn signal
49. motor, window left
50. switch, motor left window
5l. switch , ignition
52. cigarette lighter
53. motor, window right
54. switch, motor window right
55. light, door edge left
56. light, door edge right
57. switch, door edge light
58. switch, turn signal, horn, hi beam
59. pump, electric fuel
60. Battery?
61. light, interior compartment
light, trunk compartment
63. awitch, trunk light
64. switch, brake light
65. rear brake lights
66. tail lights
67. rear turn lights
68. license light
69. backup light
70. gastank level sender
71. wire connenctor

bianco = white
giallo = yellow
rosso = red
verde = green
bleu = blue
viola = violet
nero = black
arancio = orange
celeste = light blue
marrone = brown
grigio = gray
rosa = pink

OEM details
Photo 1
1) front turn signal, running  light, tear drop
Altissimo  - tav400GTlights.html

2) headlight lo/hi
Hella - tav400GTlights.html

2a) relay, headlight

3) foglights
Optional, usually not on GT400 2+2, probably Carello

4) under hood light

5) switch underhood light
CEAM pin switch

6) sidelight repeaters

7) heater motor
Lucas, type 3GM, 78378  12  67  12V GC,  see rad fan

8) radiator fan motors
Lucas, type 3GM, 78378  12  67  12V GC,  see heater fan

8a) switch, radiator fan right
cast into black plastic - Otter, Patented, Buxton England, V60
appears to be same as early XKE  Otter fan switch

8b) relay, radiator fan right

9) coils, ignition
Magneti Marelli BZR-201-A
resistor marked - REF 2A, 8G- Ω 1.5

10) horn compressor
Fiamm, Road Master
horn trumpets - candy red
tubing - garish red opaque
y piece - red plastic
metal parts - hammertone silver
11) horn relay
Fiamm, 12v, black plastic, early Miura will have screw terminals with added tabs, late Miura will have riveted tabs
12)bulb, switch oil pressure lo
Jaeger, 12V06981202D9

13) bulb, sender oil pressure
Jaeger, 12V06981202D9
14) alternator
Bosch # 0 120 400 547,  K1-14v-55a20,

14a) voltage regulator
Bosch RS AD1/14v
0 190 601 006         AD 1/14V
band of tape to hold cover - usually translucent ivory

15) water temperature sender Jaeger, 82405, H7, 02, M16x1,5  , 12v
on the bakelite is - 13

16) oil temperature sender Jaeger, 82405, H7, 02, M16x1,5  , 12v
on the bakelite is  - 14

17) bulb, switch water temp hi Jaeger

18) switch, backup light
CEAM- TORINO - used on Maserati - 5mm travel, normally open, spring loaded momentary on, jam nut,  Ceam #92020

19) light, warning, alt fail, red
Lucas, WL15, #38189A

20) light, warning, turn sig, arrow
Lucas, WL15

21) light, warning, lights, green
Lucas, WL15, #38191A

22) light, warning, high beam, blue
Lucas, WL15,

23) light, warning, lo fuel, amber
Lucas, WL15

24) light, warning, water temp, red
Lucas, WL15, #38189A

25) light, warning, fan on , white
Lucas, WL15

26) light, warning, lo oil, red
Lucas, WL15, #38189A

27) light, internal gauge/dash

28) speedometer

29) gauge, oil pressure

30) gage tachometer

31) gauge, water temp

32) gauge, oil temperature

33) gauge, fuel

34) gauge, ammeter

35) motor, windshield wiper

36) motor, starter + solenoid

37) fuse block

38) radio

39) fuse, foglight

40) switch, toggle, rad fan left
Lucas #34870B  4  66

41) switch, fog lights
not used in 5 toggle array

42) switch, Wipers, toggle,
3 position
Lucas 3 position, off-slow-high, #?

43) switch, rotary headlight
Lucas rotary headlight, running light
Lucas #34304E  5  64, black plastic knob marked O  S  H  for Off-Sidelight-Headlight
used with goofy reverse taper bezel threaded chrome ring nut
terminal 13 - double red wires (one for lights, one continuing to cigar lighter power)
terminal 1 - white wire
terminal 2 - black wire
would appear to be a Lucas type type PRS7, but could be also 16A

Suggestion - the switch needs to be used at low amps by simply adding relay at the fuse block.
see  this page fuse block  for a diagram of existing setup.
so - instead of taking power from the 4.0 fat red on the fuse block , coming hot to ignition switch, continuing hot to light switch, then switched on back to fuse block to power as 2.5 bianco. You need to go direct from double red buss to 2.5 bianco - switched by a new added relay.
This requires minimal (and reversible) wiring and a $10 relay from AutoZone.

44) rheostat toggle
Lucas, friction positional, dimming toggle to match toggle switch,  #78431D  8  66

45) switch, toggle
Lucas #34870B  5  66

46) switch, toggle
Lucas #35502A  6  66

47) light, cigar lighter

48 blinker flasher turn signals
Altissmo, 12V 43W

49) motor, window left

50) switch, window left

51) ignition switch

52) cigar lighter
Falcos, Torino, 12v

53) motor, window right

54) switch, window right

55) light, door jamb left

56) light, door jamb right

57) switch,  back up light

58) switch, turn sig, hor, hi/lo/flash
Lucas type 119SA,  #35978D )
see discussion/notes on steering column page

59) fuel pump GT400
Bendix  "Elmira" #480532
Facet #480532

60) battery?

61) light, interior

62) light, trunk

63) switch, trunk light

64) switch, brake lights
Lucas, Type 2SH   stamped into metal (underside, opposite bakelite) -  #34619A,
bakelite marked - Lucas, England, 2SH , 37

65) trunk light

65. light, rear brakes , left & right
Hella - tav400GTlights.html

66. light, tail , left & right
Hella - tav400GTlights.html

67) light, turn, left & right
Hella - tav400GTlights.html

68) light , license
Hella - tav400GTlights.html

69) light, back up

70) fuel level float sender Jaeger ?, top marked 12V co v1  166
71) connections

  fuse block schematic
 description --------------------------------------
 fuse amps


2.5 grigio(grey) feed from turn signal switch
1 grigio low beam right

2 grigio-nero low beam right
2.5 verde(green) feed from turn signal switch
3 verde high beam right
4A verde-nero high beam left
4B verde-nero hi beam indicator

5Abianco park light indicator
5B bianco l&r tailight/license light
5C bianco dash light dimmer
2.5 bianco(white) feed from headlight switch "S" position (hot all time)
6Abianco parking light front left
6B bianco backup light switch
6C bianco parking light right/engine light
grigio-nero(grey black) feed (hot all time) to turn signal switch
7A blu radio
7B blu 2.5 right window switch
4mm rosso(red) feed (hot all time) to ignition switch
2.5mm rosso(red) feed(hot all time) to horn compressor (additional single  fuse)
8A rosso-nero interior light
8B rosso-nero interior light
8C grigio-rosso 2.5 left window switch

6mm rosso(red) feed from alternator to chg battery

6mm rossa(red) battery feed from starter/ammeter
9A rosso(red) left rad fan & rear window elec defrost
9B marrone(brown) ?
9C rosso(red) l &r brake switch/lights
see 13, 14
10A rosso(red) flasher/blinker
10B verde(green) ww motor

11Agiallo(yellow) Bendix fuel pump
11B rosa(pink) lo fuel light & hi water temp light
2.5mm marrone(brown) from ignition switch turned on -
10, 11, 12, 13, 14 powered up by the key switch
12A rosa(pink) to ignition coil left
12B rosa(pink) to ignition coil right
radiator fan left - external single in line fuse

radiator fan right- external single in line fuse 40

The fuse ratings are European standards from 1966 - make sure you understand what fuses are correct, and not be mislead by your limited experience.
Classic electical mistakes are
1)  fuse replacements with too high rating.
2) bulb replacement with too high wattage.

note - there are single inline fuses to service
air conditioner system - 40A fuse near fuse block
horn compressor - 40A fuse near horn compressor
cigar lighter - 40A fuse behind gauge panel, requires panel removal
fog lights - 8A unknown location

except for three missing terminal covers, this is an OEM GT400 2+2 fuse block, Hella high beam and low beam relays, fan fuses, Foredit washer bag, etc.