Fuel pump MA-01626 replacement - Bendix #480532 - http://www.yachtsupplydepot.com/mechanical-supplies/fuel-pumps/facet-cylindrical-solid-state-electric-fuel-pump-480532e/prod_23450.html

Fuel level Jaeger sender can be cleaned and renewed to operation. Very delicate. Appears 0-300ohm range with 0 ohms being indicated full.
The copper moving fingers corrode and need to be cleaned. Slip some 400 paper under finger, non abrasive side supported by resistor bar, move fingers over abrasive sidea few times by moving the float and that should do it!
It appears all Jaeger senders are same 300ohm design, so repairs, parts, substitutions should be easy.
This particular sender has a switch (loop of brass to engage grounded finger) at low 300ohm end to light a lo fuel light by providing a path to ground

All the same basic components as Miura, Islero, Espada and beyond - banjo fitting, fuel line, gaskets
see - http://www.miuraworkshop.com/tav29.html

modification for Bendix or Facet - the rear mount is not easily accessed for starting the mount bolt - simply slot out the mount (OMG! on a new $100 pump?) and slip the pump under the already started rear mount bolt. Much easier both off and on!