clutch master, Girling 0.70"

TR6 master

kit for above - SP2102

found at British suppliers

brake master, Girling 1"

4  64675037  Q2 cast into the cast iron cyl

kit for above - SP 2376/2

Girling pdf file page 154
Girling pdf file page 155

Clutch master data

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1 Slave Cylinder Kit  Lotus  PN:SP2029 @ $10.89 each
1 Master Cylinder Cap Girling Small  PN:64473143 @ $11.95 each
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Brake master data

Jan 2011 Craig, Brake master casting numbers, this is what I have found on my Islero and Islero S
S   64677650 HF    for Islero
4   64675037   Q2  for Islero S
both have same internal Diameter of 1 inch. (25,4 mm)  As far as I can remember from my time at Girling the number on the cylinder is assy part No. and the first 2 digit (64) means designed in England while (32) means designed in Germany.  Rainer

Jan 2011 - Hi Craig, You can purchase 400 2+2 aftermarket rebuild kits (SP2376) from MaseratiNet.com. Just ask Stuart for the SP2376 for the 67 Mistral.price is $35 for the kit. Any kit you find should be sp2376/2 the dash /3 won't work.  I find 2 types of casting numbers: 4 64675037 Q1 and 4 64675037 Q2. I am not sure what the Q1 and Q2 stand for. Jacques

Hi Craig,   www.girling.de  has rebuild kits including the tipping valve. I have bought repair set from them to my 2 car and I find the quality very good. He has also repair kit for other Girling components.   John T